How is it Delivered?

The databases  can be accessed in several ways:

Detailed technichal instructions for endusers that upload the information in their own system is available for clients

Direct access - Use the able2act interface and do your searches. You focus your search by only searching one module at a time ( Biographies, Company profiles, Special reports etc.)

XML Formatted  - web-based interface providing fast access to the information you need to make informed decisions. Tightly integrate able2act to fit your work processes. Easily add our information to the same page with other portal or Intranet applications. Create the searches of your choice.  Enhanced End user presentation is up to you.

Flexible Feed Delivery Options  - These enable you to:

  • incorporate the data into your in-house systems
  • integrate the feed into your batch processing or monitoring software
  • include the data in a customized solution

Receive XML feeds hourly and incrementally. Information reaches your server based on a schedule that you define.