Adelis Chávez Frías

Able2Act article on Adelis Chávez Frías

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The benefits of using able2act 

  • reduce the time to identify who is who and where.
  • identify government officials, power brokers, executives, tribal leaders and more.
  • integrate factsheets into your own systems and add structure to your news flow.
  • speed up and kick-start the analysis of People Networks by identifying them and leveraging the structured data.

What it is

able2act ( is a service from Infosphere ( that delivers a range of different semi structured information products to you or your systems with:

  • + 70 000 full biographies with details of full name, title, organization/company, family details, education and professional career and photo if available.
  • entity lists with +200 000 identified key players in business, politics , activist, tribes.
  • +40 000 Company snapshots.ü + 2000 Organization profiles.
  •  A library of Analyst notebook files with relationships between entities that can be imported into existing ongoing work.
  • Seamless integration into your own systems via XML (Intelink compliant ).
  • Options to export all entities in XLS-sheets for easy import into analyst software and/or systems.
  • For Government organizations and Corporations under separate agreement -tailored media monitoring & translation of offline and online media delivered through direct access or XML-feed.
  • Current archive is +60 000 articles in the areas of Terrorism, Information Warfare, WMD & Middle East.ü The able2act website is updated 24/6.

 You can also mix this service with our other services: An Infosphere able2act representative will work with you to determine the right level of service for your organization and establish a flat fee that corresponds to your needs and use of the service (prices in USD/year)


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